Our story

From Casual Cyclists to Bike Tour Specialist

Exploring Hong Kong by bicycle

The story of Smooth Ride Cycles began in the spring of 2016. Founders Stephen & Joel had been cycling for many years globally. Since cycling is a pitch-perfect way to explore cities & sites of interested we thought ... Yes! We've found it! A way to merge our passion for cycling in addition with sharing the local Hong Kong history & culture to visitors from around the world through Hong Kong bike tours.

Thus Smooth Ride was formed offering guided Hong Kong bike tours around the city exploring some of the city's hidden gems. In addition we provide fascinating sharing stories behind what makes these sites so unique & special.

From our humble beginnings Smooth Ride has rapidly expanded to offer multiple guided tours every month.

Joel Cheung

Guide/ Founder

Raised in the outskirts of Hong Kong on the picturesque Island of Cheung Chau. Joel was cycling almost before he could walk! He's traded in the harnesses & paddles of the outdoor education industry to the gears & chains of cycle tour guiding since founding Smooth Ride Cycles. Being Chinese British ethnically as well as multi-lingual, Joel is able to offer you a unique cross-cultural perspective into the history & culture of Hong Kong. Joel's passion for exploring the world on 2 wheels has taken him through much of Asia & Europe with regular personal cycling trips within China. If you happen to have Joel as your guide be sure to ask him about his exciting adventures cycling through China!

Stephen Cheung

Guide/ Founder

Raised on the car-free Island of Cheung Chau, cycling has always been a means of transport for Stephen. His passion for Hong Kong's culture was well ingrained from a young age having attended the Cheung Chau Fisherfolk's school where he was able to learn much about the culture of Hong Kong's traditional fisherfolk. In early 2016 he teamed up with Joel to form Smooth Ride with the idea of merging culture tours and cycling in mind. Stephen's in depth-knowledge of Hong Kong's history has aided him in leading not only cycle tours but also walking tours for multiple providers throughout the territory. A bit of a "jack of all trades", as well as guiding cycle & walking tours he can also be found shooting wedding photography, recording celebrity interviews, video editing and much more.

History of Smooth Ride Cycles

A mix of bikes and History

Our story

Raised on a car-free Island

The brothers, Stephen & Joel grew up in the outskirts of Hong Kong on the picturesque Island of Cheung Chau. To maintain the tranquility of the Island all vehicular traffic was banned making cycling the go-to method of transport.


Cycle Touring Abroad

From Phuket to Paris whenever we arrived at a new city we'd always make an effort to book a bike tour to discover the area on 2 wheels, watching the street life un-fold from behind the handlebars

Spring, 2016

The Idea: Smooth Ride

Back in our hometown of Hong Kong we'd often cycle around the city & countryside personally. However, we  wanted to re-create that feeling of exploring the city & countryside from the saddle for guests back here in Asia's World City (HK).

Summer 2016

Our First Tour!

Smooth Ride began by offering tours with commentary to locals focusing on specific subjects related to Hong Kong's history & development.

Autumn, 2016

Building the Fleet


Smooth Ride is about exploring the city at a leisurely pace. As such we went out hunting for stylish bikes for a more relaxed cycle...no road bikes and spandex here! This saw bikes being purchased  from countries including the UK, Netherlands, Germany & China all of which were assemble by hand back here in Hong Kong.

Winter, 2016

The Fleet!

After hours of laboring, fixing all the bikes together we expanded our operations to include bike hire as part of the tours with our humble fleet of 5.

Spring, 2017

Local Coverage


Through our tours with locals Smooth Ride began to gain interest amongst many locals due to our coverage in major media outlets namely: HK01, ChinaDaily, SportsSoho to mention a few.

Spring, 2017

Welcoming the world!

After offering many tours to locals we thought to ourselves "If I were visiting Hong Kong I'd want to join to" thus Smooth Ride expanded operations to cater to tourists as well as locals partnering with major outlets including: Tripadvisor, Viator, Tours4fun and many more.

The Future

Looking Forward

As we look forward into the future there are still many major developments in the pipeline here at Smooth Ride. In fact we are currently expanding our route options to cater to guests from a wider range of cycling abilities. We look forward to enjoyable cycling in the years to come!